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Romania water supply problem

The population served by the public water supply system represented 67.5pct of Romania's resident population in 2017, in the urban area 96.9pct of the population being connected to the public system, and in the rural area - 33.5pct, according to data released by the National Statistics Institute on Friday (28.09.2018).

In 2017, the population served by the public water supply system stood atr 13,229 million people. In the urban area, there were 10.191 million people connected to the public water supply system, accounting for 96.9pct of the urban population, and 3,038 million people in the rural area, accounting for 33.5pct of Romania's rural population.

At the level of the development regions, the largest share of the population served by the public water supply system in the total resident population was registered in the Bucharest-Ilfov region (83.4pct), followed by the South-East region (77.8pct). The lowest connection rate was registered in the North-East region (47.4pct), followed by the South-West Oltenia region (55.6pct).

The volume of water distributed last year was 1.125 billion cubic meters, with about 94.801 million cubic meters higher than in 2016. The largest quantity of water distributed to the population was 519.723 million cubic meters.


Source: https://www.agerpres.ro/english/2018/09/28/one-third-of-romania-s-population-not-connected-to-water-supply--183799


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