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Greece: The new cabinet of Alexis Tsipras

This is the new cabinet (30.08.2018):

Vice President of the government

Yannis Dragasakis

Interior Ministry

Minister: Alexandros Charitsis

Deputy Minister: Marina Chryssoveloni

Deputy Minister of Macedonia and Thrace: Katerina Notopoulou

 Citizen's Protection Ministry

Minister : Olga Gerovasili

Deputy Minister: Katerina Papakosta

Economy and Development Ministry

Minister: Yannis Dragasakis

Alternate Industry Minister : Stergios Pitsiorlas

Deputy Minister: Stathis Giannakidis


Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Ministry

Minister: Nikos Pappas

Deputy Minister: Lefteris Kretsos


National Defence Ministry

Minister: Panos Kammenos

Alternate Minister: Panagiotis Rigas

Deputy Minister : Maria Kollia-Tsarouha

Education, Research and Religion Ministry 

Minister: Costas Gavroglou

Alternate Minister of Research and Innovation: Costas Fotakis

Deputy Minister: Meropi Tzoufi

 Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity Ministry 

Minister: Efi Ahtsioglou

Alternate Social Solidarity Minister: Theano Fotiou

Deputy Labour Minister for Social Security Issues: Anastasios Petropoulos

Deputy Minister: Athanasios Iliopoulos


Foreign Affairs Ministry 

Minister: Nikos Kotzias

Alternate Minister of European Affairs: Georgios Katrougalos

Deputy Minister for Issues of Religions: Markos Bolaris

Deputy Minister responsible for Expatriates: Terence Spencer Nicholas Quick


Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Ministry 

Minister: Mihalis Kalogirou

Alternate Minister of Corruption Issues: Dimitris Papagelopoulos


Finance Ministry 

Minister: Euclid Tsakalotos

Alternate Minister: George Chouliarakis

Deputy Minister: Katerina Papanatsiou

Health Ministry 

Minister: Andreas Xanthos

Alternate Minister: Pavlos Polakis


Administrative Reconstruction Ministry 

Minister: Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou


Culture and Sports Ministry 

Minister: Myrsini Zorba

Deputy Minister: Georgios Vasiliadis

Deputy Minister: Constantinos Stratis


Environment and Energy Ministry 

Minister: Giorgios Stathakis

Alternate Minister: Sokrates Famellos

Deputy Minister: George Dimaras


Infrastructure and Transport Ministry 

Minister: Christos Spirtzis

Deputy Minister: Nikos Mavraganis


Immigration Policy Ministry 

Minister: Dimitris Vitsas

Shipping and Island Policy Ministry 

Minister: Fotis Kouvelis

Alternate Minister: Nektarios Santorinios


Agricultural Development and Food Ministry 

Minister: Stavros Arachovitis

Deputy Minister: Vasilis Kokkalis

Deputy Minister: Olympia Teligioridou


Tourism Ministry 

Minister: Elena Kountoura

 Greek Territory Minister responsible for Every day Citizens' Issues:

Alekos Flabouraris

Greek Territory Minister responsible for the Co-ordination of the Governmental Work: 

Christoforos Vernardakis

Greek Territory Minister and Government Spokesman: 

Dimitris Tzanakopoulos

Deputy Minister next to the Premier: 

Dimitris Liakos

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