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Covic: By the end of the week it is possible to harmonize the statement on the formation of state power


Thursday, March 14, 2019

HDZ BiH President Dragan Čović said that he had exchanged with the presidents of the SDA and the SNSD proposals for a statement on forming state power, and that in the next few days, three parties would appoint one representative to agree on the common content of the statement.

- It is realistic to expect a joint statement to be agreed by the end of this week. If this happens, we will have a precondition to sit down and agree on the concept of the Council of Ministers through the departments and to go to the appointment of a mandate holder - said Covic in an interview with BH. edition of "Vecernji list".

He stressed that the HNS parties in state-level negotiations will insist on the ministries of finance and foreign affairs, and that they could also be the head of justice.

- We are flexible here, and these first two ministries are something else. Because of our weak position, primarily in the Presidency of BiH and the will of the Bosniak people to choose two members of the Presidency, we must keep the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, which enables us, how much, to participate in BiH's foreign policy. In addition, there are three or four deputy positions in the ministries, but this is now a matter of agreement with partners. Initially, all the parties make similar requests, and then we try to align it with some rules, but I believe that this will not be an obstacle to the establishment of power if we agree on other things that we are currently defining in this short statement - said Covic.

When it comes to executive power in the Federation, Covic says HNS is still looking for a partner with whom he can make a software platform.

- At the level of the Federation, we have to have a partner with whom we can make a reform agenda that will ultimately lead to the European Union, which will contain all elements of our integration activities at the entity level, as well as social and economic stability. For us, the first point is electoral legislation, and when we find that partner, we will surely go quickly to establish power at the federal level - explained Covic.

Speaking about the possibilities of constitutional reform before today's meeting in Neum, the "European Constitution for BiH", Covic said that a structure should be created in BiH that will within itself take into account what we have in similar countries, such as Switzerland, Belgium or some other multinational country within European Union.

 I am convinced that on this track, by strengthening the confidence, one can make a step towards finding common solutions that will meet the needs of all three peoples. I, as a representative of the Croatian people, can say what are the minima that must be met when the Croats are in question, but also the minimum interests of other nations should be taken into account - said Covic, adding that it is not realistic to expect a more active role of the international community in That process. 

Source: https://avaz.ba/vijesti/bih/466213/covic-do-kraja-sedmice-moguce-usaglasavanje-izjave-o-formiranju-drzavne-vlasti

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