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President reacts: Fascism won't pass here

"I urge the citizens of Serbia not to worry about the latest fascist incursion of Bosko Obradovic and his followers into the (Belgrade) City Assembly."

April 4, 2019

Fascism will not pass, President Aleksandar Vucic said.

In an unscheduled address to the media after the events in front of the Belgrade City Assembly, where supporters of opposition Alliance for Serbia (SZS) tried to force their way into the building, Vucic said that he first wanted to apologize to the women who prevented SzS members from storming the Assembly.

"I apologize to the women who had to suffer insults from unknown persons, because Obradovic is not from Belgrade, he did not even stand in elections for the city parliament. What had been done (in the past) in Hungary and Nazi Germany - these fascist ideas will not pass in Serbia, and therefore I call on institutions to do their job. Fascism has no future in Serbia because democracy is a form of political regime that we have been fostering and continue to foster," Vucic said.

He added that he was speaking today because he wanted to "thank the magnificent women."

"70 or 80 of them have shown that they are capable of standing up to fascism. The picture of them holding hands and defending an institution from fascist Obradovic is the most beautiful picture," Vucic added.

"They have stood in defense of their country, their institutions, and defeated the thugs and the bullies. They deserve admiration and I wish I could have been a city official at least for a while, to share this admiration with them. This way, they have my immense gratitude," concluded the president of Serbia.

Speaking about a previous announcement made by Orbadovic, the leader of the Dveri Movement, that an opposition protest planned for Saturday, April 6, will see participants go to the Pink TV building, Vucic said that they will not be allowed to enter the broadcaster's premises, and that violence will not be allowed to anyone.

Vucic pointed out that he does not want to in any way fall for the provocations of the SzS, "which have been directed at the police the whole time, in order to cause some reaction."

"The police will have to react in some way and at some point," Vucic said, adding that everyone should realize "about what kind of bullies this is about."

"The fact that they are kicking policemen, swinging at women, taking chainsaws with them, gallows - it's no coincidence - it's a habit, and the state will have to react," the president underlined. He also guaranteed to journalists that "nothing would happen to them and that no one would beat them."

Source: https://www.b92.net/eng/news/politics.php?yyyy=2019&mm=04&dd=04&nav_id=106555

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