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Belgrade Stock Exchange moves trading on Athens Stock Exchange platform

November 26, 2021

Sinisa Krneta and Socrates Lazaridis signed in Athens on Friday the agreement on the migration of the Belgrade Stock Exchange to the trading platform of the Athens Stock Exchange was signed on Thursday in Athens, as the directors of the two institutions.

The agreement represents „a new step in achieving the common goal of close cooperation and promotion of broader regional connections, initially started by the Athens Stock Exchange entering the ownership structure of the Belgrade Stock Exchange.“

All partners in this process (Athens Stock Exchange, Belgrade Stock Exchange and Cyprus Stock Exchange) and their respective investment communities will be able to take advantage of operational efficiency, market liquidity and new business opportunities, which will enable efficient support to local economic development, „Belgrade institution said.

The agreement also emphasises the commitment and support the Athens Stock Exchange provides to the Belgrade counterpart in its strategic efforts to transform Serbia’s capital market into an internationally recognised one.

„We look forward to partnering with the Belgrade Stock Exchange in the context of a common trading platform, which will enable further strengthening of our markets by expanding the investor base and offering new investment opportunities for local and international investors, as well as improving the offer of investment products traded in these markets,“ Lazaridis said.

Krneta added that the migration of activities to the Athens Stock Exchange trading platform „reflects a strong position and commitment not only to further strengthening cooperation between the two exchanges but also to the ultimate goal of improving market efficiency, transparency and certainty by providing a trading platform entirely in line with European Union regulations.“

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/belgrade-stock-exchange-moves-trading-on-athens-stock-exchange-platform/

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