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Greece not to repay debts unless creditors disburse 2014 loans, says government




In a “non paper” describing its actions since the 15 January elections, the Greek government warns , or reassures, that it will not repay debts unless loan tranches that were supposed to be disbursed in 2014 are not released.

According to the non paper, the new Greek government “made absolutely clear, at all levels of the Eurozone and the IMF, that it will not proceed with public debt servicing from own resources, unless the creditors proceed immediately to disbursement of the tranches which they are withholding since 2014. The country has not received a trance from the Commission or the IMF since August 2014, nevertheless it is still regularly fulfilling its obligations”

It also notes that “Greece is the only country to pay back its public debt without refinancing it, from own resources and internal borrowing (T.bills)”

Source: http://www.neurope.eu/article/greece-not-repay-debts-unless-creditors-disburse-2014-loans-says-government





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