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"New road to be opened on August 18, which will allow faster travel to the seaside"

"The country is on the right track, it is being built and constructed nationwide", Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic stated

July 29, 2019

"I want us to work hard and build our country further, we are on the right track", he stated.

Vucic confirmed the delay in the construction of the Eastern fork of Corridor 10.

"Yes, the construction of the Eastern Corridor has been delayed, but we will complete it in the next two months", the President claims, reiterating that Serbia will get high way to Bulgaria that it waited for 75 years.

He also said that he will open the road of the route Obrenovac-Ub, Ub-Lajkovac, Lajkovac-Ljig, Ljig-Cacak, on August 18, meaning that we will reach seashore much faster.

He said that agriculture field is also doing well.

"Corn yield will be the best ever... Yesterday's rain did good to the corn and soya", he said, adding that like Indian sorcerer, he used to pray for the rain to fall as it suits agricultural crops.

"I always calculate how many millions of euros it will bring to Serbia's account", Vucic said.

Reacting to the negative comments on the construction works carried out in Belgrade, he responded:

"What do you want from us? You want further progress and new construction works or not? Please let us know what you want us to do", he concluded.

Source: https://www.b92.net/eng/news/politics.php?yyyy=2019&mm=07&dd=29&nav_id=107069

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