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Protest against bad air in eastern Serbia: Reduce pollution, doesn’t matter how

November 15, 2019

Several hundred people gathered outside the Zijin Mining company, the owner or 63 percent of the equity interests of the RTB copper mining and smelting complex in eastern Serbia, in a new protest against heavy air pollution caused by the Chinese firm, N1 reported on Friday.

The protest was supported by “Defend Stara Planina Mt Rivers,” the 1 in 5 million students’ organisation, and the Vice President of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) Borko Stefanovic.

“We ask for the elimination of pollution; we don’t care how,” Ivana Zivkovic, an SPP member and ecology activist told N1.

The Bor protesters said the town financially relied on the company and that was the reason for that only several hundred people turned out for the protest, demanding the reduction in pollution.

They added they didn’t want to chase the Zijin out of Bor but did want them to put people’s health above the profit.

The Bor residents said they asked for help from many institutions, but nothing happened. The only good news, they said, was that local authorities formed a group to deal with the air pollution problem.

They added they were informed the Zijin halved its production on Thursday to reduce the pollution, “but tomorrow we will again breath bad air.”

They also said they would continue with protests every Friday.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a544201/Eastern-Serbia-s-residents-protect-against-air-pollution.html

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