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PM: Serbia’s 2020 budget deficit at 0,3 pct of GDP; opposition: propaganda

November 20, 2019

Ana Brnabic, Serbia’s Prime Minister, tells the country’s Parliament on Wednesday the 2020 budget income is expected at 1,314 billion Dinars (1€ = 118 RSD), while the planned expenses are 1,334,7 billion RSD and that the budget deficit next year will be 20.2 billion RSD or 0,3 percent of the GDP, the Beta news agency reports.

She also said that the 2020 budget would contribute to the rise in living standard “in every sense,” and to the country’s economic growth and progress.

Brnabic added that the new budget would not imperil the economic growth and that the Government planned to reduce the public debt.

She said the estimated growth in 2020 would be four percent, while inflation should not go over two percent.

However, opposition MPs criticised the budget, saying it was a pre-election money plan.

Miroslav Aleksic from the People‘s Party, told reporters at the Parliament‘s hall, that the proposed budget was „irresponsible, non-transparent and pre-election“ plan.

„We have a very low level of envisaged investments; the Dinar exchange rate is unjustly low, unattainable and artificially held; we don‘t have a GDP growth and we have been at the lowest level in the region for eight years under this regime,“ he said.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a545523/Serbia-plans-2020-budget-deficit-at-0-3-percent-of-GDP.html

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