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Some 1.8 million Serbian citizens living on edge of poverty

February 9, 2020

Serbia's welfare system is inefficient and insufficient to fight against poverty in the society, Danilo Curcic from the A11 initiative said on Sunday.

Experts warn that some 1.8 million Serbian residents are leaving on the edge of poverty.

“This is significantly higher than the European average, which tells us that every fourth Serbian resident is facing a risk of poverty. The numbers are frightening,” Curcic said.

He explains that when it comes to the risk of poverty, it refers to the people who have a monthly income below 60 percent of the average income, which is the most common salary in Serbia.

“That's somewhere around €330 and everyone below that is at risk of poverty,” he noted.

The austerity measures that the Government introduced in 2012 have compromised some of the fundamental social and economic rights of citizens, Initiative A11 concluded.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a567802/Some-1.8-million-Serbian-citizens-living-on-edge-of-poverty.html

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