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Upper chamber takes final step in adopting 2020 budget

July 29, 2020

In a Wednesday emergency session, the House of Peoples adopted a report by a commission which was set up to harmonise two versions of the new budget passed by the two houses of Bosnia’s Parliament, which was the final step for passing Bosnia’s 2020 budget and enabling the country to hold its local election.

All 13 present members of the upper house voted for the report to be adopted.

The proposal, which was put together by the Presidency, was forwarded from the House of Representatives which adopted it two weeks ago.

The House of Peoples adopted it as well but with six amendments. The Parliament has then formed a joint commission composed of members from both chambers worked on harmonizing the text of the two budget proposals.

According to the budget, the total revenues, receipts and financing of Bosnia's institutions in 2020 amounts to 996 million Bosnian Marks, which is the same as the total expenditures. The 2020 budget is higher than the one of 2019 by 30 million Bosnian Marks, or three percent. External debt servicing amounts to 807,552,931 Bosnian Marks and is lower by 18.2 million Bosnian Marks compared to the previous year.

The budget also includes the funds for the local election - 4,227,000 Bosnian Marks.

Source:  http://ba.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a451542/Upper-chamber-takes-final-step-in-adopting-2020-budget.html

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