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BiH prosecutors indict group that allegedly smuggled marijuana to EU countries

February 16, 2023

BiH prosecutors filed an indictment against members of a suspected organised crime group who allegedly smuggled large quantities of marijuana to EU countries and coordinated their activities by using the encrypted messaging applications Sky and Anom.

The prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption filed an indictment against Sako Bibic, born in 1973 in Skopje, citizen of BiH and North Macedonia, Eldar Hujic, born in 1979 in Sarajevo, citizen of BiH, Admir Halimanovic, born in 1985 in Sarajevo, citizen of BiH, Alem Zukic, born in 1991 in Sarajevo, citizen of BiH and Djoko Komar, born in 1993 in Niksic, citizen of BiH and Montenegro.

“The defendants are accused of having, from the end of 2019 to the end of 2021, acting within the framework of a joint plan and mutual agreement, and in order to obtain illegal property benefits by committing several criminal acts, become members of an organized crime group and operated in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, as well as EU countries, and committed criminal acts of organized crime, illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and money laundering”, the Prosecutor’s Office said.

The indictment states that the accused used encrypted applications to communicate with each other and arrange the transport of illegal drugs to EU countries and BiH.

They allegedly dealt with large quantities of marijuana, usually in quantities of around 100 kilograms, which were smuggled into the territory of Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, and would then launder the proceeds through investing in real estate and expensive motor vehicles.

Source:  https://n1info.ba/english/news/bih-prosecutors-indict-group-that-allegedly-smuggled-marijuana-to-eu-countries/

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