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Serbia's Army: Ex chief-of-staff trying to question VS' reinforcement

November 5, 2019

The Army of Serbia (VS) General Staff said that its former chief-of-staff General Zdravko Ponos tried to put in question the Army's reinforcement "without arguments," describing his words as "irresponsible and those of a layman," the FoNet news agency reported.

 Ponos told FoNet last week that the current "political leadership is playing with the defence system and security," while "not having either professional or moral competence."

The General  said that "playing with the defence was best shown with the display of the (Russian) S-400 rocket system" which, he said, "Serbia doesn't need militarily."

But, he added" "that was a political message" which "demonstrated the force and the friendship with Russia."

He compared the display of the S-400 to "the driving of a Rolls Royce across a dusty yard just to show the neighbours who we hosted."

Russia, on the other hand, Ponos said, sent a message to the West that Moscow "is putting a foot in Serbia's door, while (Serbia's President Aleksandar) Vucic needs that to divert the voters' attention, hiding what he intends to do with Kosovo."

The Army statement, however, said that thanks to Serbia's military neutrality, the country "is in a position to acquire equipment from around the world, including from Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, China and other countries.

It also said Serbia received substantial donations from the Russian Federation, the US, Belarus, which is something that not many countries can be proud of."

The statement added that VS participated in military exercises with both Western and Eastern countries, including those with NATO members.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a541123/Army-of-Serboia-General-staff-criticises-former-boss.html

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