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Police whistleblower says classified data easily accessible

November 5, 2019

The Insajder investigative portal said on Tuesday that it had learned from a police officer has been warning for some time that unauthorized persons had access to classified information.

The unnamed police whistleblower said that no one reacted to his warnings and he decided to contact Insajder and hand over documents which confirm that he warned officials at the Internal Affairs Ministry. The officer said that top ministry officials had no idea if police officers who had access to classified information were empowered to do so.

The police officer was dismissed from a task force investigating the murders of journalists and was not given an explanation for the dismissal. The dismissal document was classified and the officer was warned not to say anything to anyone. The officer said he was taken off the task force because he reported illegal activities in the ministry and police. He checked whether the officials who handed him the dismissal document had clearance for classified information and it turned out that they did not.

Insajder recalled that the Director of Police issued an order in February 2018 for data on who had clearance for classified documents. The Office of the Ombudsman conducted its own investigation. Acting Ombudsman Milos Jankovic said that the ministry told his office that they do not have any kind of records of the police officers and ministry official with clearance for classified documents.

Under Serbian law, access to classified information is allowed for persons with a security certificate issued by the Office of the Council for National Security. The only people allowed access without a certificate are the president, prime minister and parliament speaker.

The documents handed to Insajder by the police whistleblower show that the ministry did not abide by regulations on classified information.

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a541272/Police-whistleblower-says-classified-data-easily-accessible.html

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