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Serbia issues 329 arms and military equipment export permits this year

November 25, 2019

Serbia’s Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication said on Monday it issued 329 licences for exporting arms and military equipment since the beginning of 2019, while last year, it allowed 329 companies to trade arms and equipment, adding that 13 requests were denied due to incomplete companies’ date, the Beta news agency reported.

 In 2019, the Ministry said, it refused to issue a licence to only one company, “because the exporters are well aware of the procedures and conditions for permits.”

In its answer to Marinika Tepic, an opposition MP, the Ministry said that for the export of arms and military equipment, a company needed the consent of four institutions.

Tepic accused Serbia’s Government and its institutions of the way of approving permits in that business. i.e., for receiving money for its service.

“The permission is issued to any company which submit the request with original ‘End User’ certificate, original purchase contract and the proof that the country where the arms were heading was not under the UN, EU and OSCE sanctions. The rest are more or less the technical criteria,” the Ministry said.

Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Monday his country had never exported weapons to Ukraine, nor had it issued permits for arms trade with countries from the so-called blacklist.

 To Tepic’s question if the Ministry received 120,000 Euros per permit, it answered there was no reason for giving any money “when it’s known that the Ministry issues permission 24 hours after receiving the last consent from a respective institution.”

The Ministry called on Tepic to say “who gave and who took not 12.000 Euros but 120 Dinars for any favour in this process.”

“Serbia has been among five most transparent countries in the world in arms trade according to ‘Small Arms Survey’ international organisation in the last five years,” the Ministry said.

It added that it had answered to any individual request from MPs, investigative reporters at home and from abroad or foreign countries and that it was open for any information since, it said, it had nothing to hide.  

Source:  http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a546834/Serbia-s-Trade-Ministry-says-country-exports-arms-legally.html

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