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Still no probe into claims about wiretapping of Serbia’s President

January 12, 2021

The prosecutors' offices, the only institutions authorised to investigate allegations about the wiretapping of Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic have not yet started a probe into the claims, a daily reported on Tuesday.

Vucic said last week his phone calls were under surveillance „by some within the police“ and that that was an attempted coup.

The country’s Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin confirmed the President’s claim on Sunday, adding an investigation into it is ongoing.

„Vucic did not say that for the sake of political marketing, but because it is true. The President told the truth, and it is up to us to confirm that truth, „Vulin told TV Prva, adding that the competent services informed the President about it.

Nevertheless, two out of three Belgrade prosecutors’ offices told the independent Danas daily that there had not been any investigation, nor any such procedure had been planned so far.

The First Prosecutor’s Office did not reply to the daily’s query.

Danas said the wiretapping if it happened, was the crime of unauthorised eavesdropping and surveillance, a not the coup d’etat, as Vucic and some other top state officials had said.

Last Wednesday, Vucic said he was sure that foreigners were involved in wiretapping his conversations, adding that the people he was recorded talking to had nothing to do with drug trafficking.

He referred to the so-called Jovanjica case about said to be the largest marijuana and skunk plant in Europe whose owner was on the trail for growing the drugs.

Besides, some police and state security officers were also charged with aiding or protecting him.

Vucic then told the pro-government Vecernje Novosti daily that he did blame what he called „the foreign factor „because „this was mixed up by our people.“

He said that „honorable police officers „brought him recordings of his wiretapped conversations with people he discussed football with.

„They were claimed to have connections to drugs so that they could be under surveillance,“ he said, adding that this was done to give the whole thing an air of legality.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/still-no-probe-into-claims-about-wiretapping-of-serbias-president/

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