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Pro-Bosnian representative proud that Srebrenica election boycott in success

February 22, 2021

Out of 3,000 Bosniak residents in Srebrenica, just over 160 people voted. That was expected. We were asked by our people employed in the administration and public companies, who said that they were threatened with the loss of their jobs if they didn't vote so we approved their participation, Camil Durakovic from the Initiative "My Address: Srebrenica" said Sunday night in an interview with N1.

“I'm proud that we showed unity and that over 95 percent of Bosniaks supported our cause,” he noted.

The BiH Central Election Commission confirmed Sunday night that Boris Jerinic and Mladen Grujicic received the most votes in the repeated elections for the mayor of Doboj and the mayor of Srebrenica, as representatives of Serb parties.

Durakovic said that the boycott of pro-Bosnian political forces in Srebrenica was a success and that Bosniaks, who participated in the repeated elections in this city, did so out of fear for their existence.

When asked by N1 why he thought he was right when he claimed that Mladen Grujicic did not win fairly last time, meaning there was election rigging, he said that this time, Grujicic won 600 votes less than in November.

“Grujicic received 4,600 votes on November 15, and now he received 4,000. This confirms that we were right for these 500-600 illegal votes. We were also right about the mail-in ballots, which were denied to us, which would give us the victory. These are the reasons why we stand firmly behind our idea, and we will not give up. We will continue our struggle in both legal and democratic ways. Boycott as a means exists in democracy and we have used it,” he told N1.

When asked whether there would be any Bosniaks who would accept their mandates, Durakovic said if they do, they would do so at their own responsibility.

Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/pro-bosnian-representative-proud-that-srebrenica-election-boycott-was-a-success/

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