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Serbia’s police interrogate anti-vaxxers, Justice Minister: Everything legal

April 01, 2021

The head of the ‘I Live for Serbia’ movement Jovana Stojkovic, a psychiatrist and the loudest anti-vaxxer, together with several other people, was interrogated by the police on Thursday on suspicion of a crime defined as “causing panic and unrest" thus jeopardising people’s health.

Earlier in the day, two police officers searched Stojkovic’s flat and she and her husband shared the action live on their Facebook page.

After a statement to the police Hi-Tech Crime Department, Stojkovic was released.

Justice Minister Maja Popovic said the police were within their legal jurisdiction. The search was conducted on a court warrant.

“All those who commit a crime must be processed, especially when they imperil people’s health,” she said.

A group of people gathered in support of Stojkovic later on Thursday. They walked the main Belgrade’s streets, disrespecting anti-epidemic measures. Stojkovic joined them after she had left the police and said she did not understand the anti-vaxxer term and described it as political pressure. She added it was not normal that people were jailed for the posts on Twitter and Facebook.

The anti-vaxxers in Serbia are believed to have highly influenced people to refuse the immunization, despite a choice of four different vaccines and easy access to them.

They advocate and spread conspiracy theories and claim the vaccines are harmful.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/serbias-police-interrogate-anti-vaxxers-justice-minister-everything-legal/

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