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Displays of Ustasha and Chetnik symbols will be punishable with jail time?

April 07, 2021

Croatian Parliament should discuss amendments to the Criminal Code proposed by the ruling coalition by the end of May, and a draft text has recently been completed to include an article in the law banning the public use of the World War II Ustasha salute, state agency Hina reported on Wednesday, citing Jutarnji List daily.

This is an initiative launched earlier this year by the president of the Jewish community of Zagreb, Ognjen Kraus, who organized three meetings attended by representatives of most parliamentary parties and minority MPs, to ban any use of any fascist symbols.

Hina reported that the Jutarnji list said that the draft that they had seen proposes an amendment to the existing law adding an article titled “Displaying of insignia of national socialism, fascism, Ustasha and Chetnik movements or regimes.”

The article suggests six months to three years in jail for anyone who “publicly uses, displays, wears on clothes, or in any other way shows in public the symbols, slogans, flags, insignia, images, names, nicknames, titles, greetings, gestures, uniforms, or parts thereof, or any other markings of fascist, national-socialist, Ustasha, or Chetnik movements, or regimes, or their leaders, or units.”

The draft also sets a punishment of six months to four years in jail for committing this crime via print or electronic media or social media, and also one to five years in jail for anyone who “manufactures stockpiles, distributes, sells, imports, exports, has large quantities of, or makes such material available to the public.”

However, the bill also allows for exceptions, in cases where “the features referred to are publicly used in service of education, condemnation, or for deterring undemocratic movements or regimes, for promoting arts or science, or when used for research or teaching purposes, or to report on current or historical events, or similar purposes.”

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/displays-of-ustasha-and-chetnik-symbols-will-be-punishable-with-jail-time/

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