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Serbia’s lawyer can’t be judge after telling N1 state emergency was illegal

April 15, 2021

The deputy Ombudsman in Serbia's central town of Kraljevo Ivan Petrovic, who had earlier told N1 the state of emergency introduced last year amid the coronavirus epidemic was an unconstitutional move, could not be elected judge since "sick and conflicting persons" could not take judicial office according to the head of town's authorities opinion sent to the Commission for Election of Judges.

She suggested to the Commission to demand Petrovic’s medical record. She mentioned his statement to N1 about the legality of the state of emergency, which was declared without the Parliament decision since the body did not work due to the epidemic.

Petrovic had access to Jelena Becic’s opinion after he applied for the post of judge.

„He, as a deputy Ombudsman, had recently talked to N1 TV and said the introduction of the state of emergency was unconstitutional. He asked for the assessment of the constitutionality of that decision, and the public knows the outcome. I suggest that you obtain his medical record from the respective institution. I think that the conflict and sick persons cannot be worthy of judicial office (by this, I don’t think about the concrete name), Bekcic wrote to the Commission.

Petrovic told N1 on Thursday he would sue Bekcic for office abuse adding she prevented him from applying for a judge at the Kraljevo Basic Court and insulted him.

He added that Bekcic was not even supposed to give an opinion since that was the town’s hall and its Commission’s job.

Petrovic believes it’s her revenge for his criticism of her, as he said, illegal work.

He added the police had been violating the „mental and private peace of his relatives“ at the address registered as his residence.

Petrovic added he saw Bekcic’s request to the police to check if he was fictitiously registered at the address.

Bekcic failed to answer N1’s questions about her attitude toward Petrovic and whether she had any evidence based on which she asked for his medical record and did she think her act was discriminatory.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/serbias-lawyer-cant-be-judge-after-telling-n1-state-emergency-was-illegal/

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