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Slovenian journalist: There are three non-papers regarding Bosnia

April 15, 2021

Slovenian journalist from the local necenzurirano.si portal, Primoz Cirman, whose article on non-paper containing the redrawing of borders in the Balkans provoked fierce reactions throughout the region and Europe, told N1 that the public in Slovenia was shocked and wondered if it was even possible for their country to get involved in something like this. But he added that it is certain that the Slovenian government distributed it.

He noted that this non-paper is not Slovenia’s official position and that the public does not believe that it was created in their country, but that Slovenia did participate in its distribution.

“We don't know if it was created in Ljubljana, Budapest or Belgrade, but we know that the Slovenian government has distributed it to various channels in recent months. The Slovenian Ministry is not the author, but Prime Minister Janez Jansa's cabinet took part in the distribution. According to our sources, we believe that the document is from the beginning of this year. If you followed the development of events, this document was already in diplomatic circles in March who checked whether the ideas from the document could be fulfilled or not,” Cirman told N1.

When asked who could be the creators of this document, Cirman answered: “The Serbian-Croatian-Albanian national question is mentioned in non-paper. These are phrases that are used by well known local politicians. We don’t believe that Slovenia would write something like that. We know what the reactions were in Slovenia. No one has publicly denied the existence of the document. Janez Jansa said that he couldn’t have deliver it to Mr. Michel because he hadn’t seen him in several months. So there are ideas that it may have been written in Belgrade, maybe in Zagreb, maybe in Budapest. We can't see who the author is.”

The Slovenes were amazed that something like this was happening and that, Slovenia got involved in such a story, he said, considering that it has always supported the united BiH.

He also emphasizes that they discovered more documents.

“Yesterday, Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anze Logar, threw a smoke bomb at the parliamentary committee, where he was asked about this document. He exposed another non-paper written in Croatia, and Slovenia acceded to the document. According to our information, there are three non-papers on BiH in which Slovenia also participates in different ways,” said Cirman.

After he published the text, numerous reactions followed, considering that the story includes 5-6 countries and, as Cirman says, it opened some old wounds.

“This non-paper takes Slovenia back 30 years because it seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991 and has always, as we say here, been on the right side of history. But with this non-paper, Slovenia protects the interests of people whose ideologies led to the wars in Yugoslavia, and that is something that is shocking for the Slovenian public. From the Slovenian point of view, it is difficult to accept that something like this is even possible. That we, as a state, took part in nationalist plans that speak of greater countries in the Balkans,” he told N1.

The Slovenian journalist said he believes Slovenia’s formal foreign policy will be in line with the EU’s interests which are a united BiH.

“With this non-paper and with the Croatian non-paper, Slovenia has now aligned itself with the countries with which it didn’t want to have some particularly close relations like the Hungarians, we are also talking about the Serbian national interest… Nobody is talking about the European idea of peace, a peaceful solution. There’s talk of some division here and this is the rhetoric we heard in the late 1980s. BiH has always been a friendly country with Slovenia and we think that this will lead to a deterioration of relations,” Cirman concluded.

Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/slovenian-journalist-there-are-three-non-papers-regarding-bosnia/

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