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SPC Patriarch: Cohabitation between Serbs & Albanians possible

May 3, 2021

Patriarch Porfirije, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), said on Monday it was possible to sooner or later find a solution for the cohabitation between the Kosovo Serbs and Albanians.

„We don’t have to live like siblings, but we could be good neighbors,“ he told the state Radio Belgrade.

Porfirije added that if Kosovo was looked at only as a territory or a myth, it could be spoken about the short-time or eternal losers or winners. But, he said, if Kosovo was looked at through its perspective, it would be seen as a pledge and identity and that its vow was linked to the New Testimony.

„Right now, it’s difficult for our people and monks in Kosovo, but I’m deeply convinced that sooner or later, a possibility for the cohabitation between the Serbs and Albanians will be found,“ Patriarch said.

He added that common Serbs and Albanians had been living together for centuries.

Speaking about the coronavirus pandemic, Porfirije said it was the best example of how people jeopardized the laws of nature and that „people reap what they sow.“

„We’re all responsible for everything, especially for the planet. It’s given to a man to be a priest in it, to cultivate it, to take what is needed for life, but to return it by cultivating it,“ Porfirije said.

He added that people became exploiters who „do not respect nature but violate its laws and that nature was now taking its revenge for what humans did to it.

Patriarch said that „men have become each other’s foes, not brothers, and that there are many differences among them, but much more the same.“

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/spc-patriarch-cohabitation-between-serbs-albanians-possible/

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