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HoR Dep Speaker: Serbia's Assembly Speaker's statements attack BiH's sovereignty

May 3, 2021

The “malicious statement” of Serbia's Assembly President, Ivica Dacic, that it is a good thing that for the first time that a document mentions the possibility of some kind of unification of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity and Serbia represents “a direct attack” on Bosnia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and “a glaring example of how Serbia’s top officials interfere in the internal affairs of neighboring states,” said the Deputy Chairman of BiH’s House of Representatives, Denis Zvizdic.

Dacic’s made the statement while commenting on a controversial non-paper, recently published by the Slovenian news portal necenzurirano.si, which sparked an uproar in the region as it proposes Kosovo joining Albania and Serbia annexing parts of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity, while the mostly Croat-populated parts of southern Bosnia and Herzegovina would become part of Croatia.

Members of BiH’s tripartite Presidency, Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic, argued that implementing the ideas from the non-paper would lead to a new war.

However, their Bosnian Serb colleague and current Chairman of the institution, Milorad Dodik, argued that a “peaceful separation” of the two entities is the best option.

Zvizdic argued that Dacic is sending the citizens of Bosnia, as well as the entire world, “provocative hegemonistic messages” similar to those of former Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic, which resulted in numerous war crimes, including genocide.

Zvizdic said that “nobody in BiH, or in the international community, is naive enough to not realize that this so-called ‘peaceful separation’ which Dodik is advocating is just a euphemism for the violent secession of the RS entity.”

He said that “the message that our neighbors should unconditionally understand and accept is that BiH is an internationally recognized, complete, indivisible, multiethnic, civil, anti-fascist, democratic European state and that no part of it will ever be annexed to any other state.”

“For the citizens of BiH, the preservation of peace and stability remains imperative, and the preservation and protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity is the top priority of all future activities,” he said.

Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/hor-dep-speaker-serbias-assembly-speakers-statements-attack-bihs-sovereignty/

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