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Helsinki Committee concerned over Vulin statement

July 19, 2021

The Serbian Helsinki Committee said on Monday Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin’s latest statement is isolating Serbia and moving it away from membership in the European Union.

Vulin told an anniversary of his Movement of Socialists party that the creating of a Serb World in which Serbs would live united is something that the current generation of politicians should do.

The Helsinki Committee statement said that Vulin’s party held the gathering “obviously as one of the first pre-election gatherings leading up to next year’s presidential elections”. “What is worrying are the messages sent from the gathering which was attended by President Aleksandar Vucic who did not distance himself from them,” it said.

“The message from the gathering is not only the uniting of all Serbs in one state but that a Serbia like that can be preserved only by Vucic’s policies. That open advocating of a policy of war is directed towards all neighbors and is a test to see how far they can go given the current international circumstances, that is how long the international community will tolerate that behavior,” the statement said, and called the international community to draw “red lines” in terms of the borders in the Balkans.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/helsinki-committee-concerned-over-vulin-statement/

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