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Serbia’s doctor: Two and half more COVID-19 deaths than officially reported

October 11, 2021

Predrag Kon, an epidemiologist and a member of Serbia's Crisis Response Team, told N1 on Monday that "according to official data, we have one death related to COVID-19 every 27 minutes, but in reality, we have a death related to the epidemic every ten minutes. We are in a difficult situation. "

„There is no doubt that the current epidemic situation is extraordinary. Fortunately, it is not catastrophic; we do not have to expand hospital capacity urgently; the overcrowding of hospitals has stopped. The curve has stabilised at high numbers, but it is far from something that can be defined as good,“ Kon said.

Asked whether the official numbers are real and how it is known who died from the coronavirus if there are no autopsies, Kon says it is not true that anyone who dies within 28 days of being diagnosed with coronavirus is considered a victim of the COVID-19-related consequences.

Official data say that 50 plus patients have been dying daily in Serbia from COVID-19-related complications from October 2.  The mortality rate remains at 0.87 for much of the time.

„If discussed like that, then everyone is manipulating with everything. The whole world then manipulates because there are no single criteria according to which diseases are registered. It is very likely that now one person dies in Serbia every ten minutes. That is two and a half times more than the registered number. If it is said that we are the worst in the world, and we use data that are kept completely differently in different parts of the world, that is not right. We can either show excess mortality or official data everywhere. It’s not the same. It’s statistical manipulation and severe rudeness. Especially since it comes from those, who know very well what they’re doing, they are not computer scientists, but people who publish various nonsense,“ Kon said, adding that“ it doesn’t mean that the data we get is fake“.

Answering viewers’ questions, he told N1 that „there are certainly more deaths, almost two and a half times more, but that can only be known after processing the mortality statistics. Why that is not done is another question. I asked for it quarterly, but it was done on an annual basis.“

He added that there should be a ban on public gatherings of over five people.
„In the next two weeks, we will have less intensity of the virus; if we had (stricter) measures, it would be much faster,“ he Kon said.

He added that „unvaccinated people cause serious damage by reducing the capacity for non-COVID-19 diseases and expanding the capacity for those patients.“

„Talk against vaccination is no longer just an opinion, but has a serious impact on the situation in the country,“ Kon said and added that especially young people needed to get vaccinated because of their numerous contacts during which the virus spread easier

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/serbias-doctor-two-and-half-more-covid-19-deaths-than-officially-reported/

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