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Albin Kurti: Serbia’s illegal structures trying to destabilise Kosovo

October 14, 2021

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said in Skopje on Thursday that Pristina is not a source of destabilisation but that some of Serbia's illegal structures financed by Belgrade tried to undermine Kosovo to show that it was not a functional state.

„Kosovo is not a source of destabilisation. Whenever our police act, you have security and safety. More than 13,400 temporary plates were placed on Serbia’s vehicles at our border crossings, and no incidents occurred in 13 days. „Where our police are, there are no incidents,“ Kurti told reporters.

Commenting on Wednesday’s clashes between Serbs from northern Mitrovica and the Kosovo police, Kurti said Belgrade needed to stop looking at reality in a chauvinistic way.

„I think they have don’t see well when they look at reality. If they looked at facts without nationalist-chauvinist glasses, they could see the truth. And that is that the new democratic government in Kosovo is indeed uncompromisingly fighting corruption, „Kurti said in Skopje.

He added that „according to international organisations, Serbia is unfortunately at a quite high position regarding corruption and organised crime.“

„I think our fight against corruption and organised crime in Kosovo probably worried some people in Belgrade. But that is not our problem, but theirs,“ Kurti said.

He added that the Serb and Albanian criminals „cooperate perfectly“ on the territory of Kosovo and that the police should fight against those groups, what Wednesday’s operation was about.

„It must not be politicised. It was a well-prepared police operation against organised crime and smuggling, conducted after an intensive investigation. People of different ethnicities were arrested, and police officers, judges and prosecutors who ordered and carried out the action also had different ethnicities,“ Kurti said.

He added that „those who give a national connotation to the operation or politicise it“ were wrong.

„This has nothing to do with the ethnicity of criminals, but exclusively with the fight against organised crime and smuggling,“ Kurti reiterated.

Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/albin-kurti-serbias-illegal-structurs-trying-to-destabilise-kosovo/

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