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N1 documentary on Kosovo Serb Asphalt Kings

December 20, 2021
The documentary by N1's Mladen Savatovic shows how Kosovo Serb businessmen have been winning lucrative government construction jobs long before they were named by the US Treasury as people involved in crime and corruption.
The lives of residents of two villages outside the central Serbian town of Paracin turned into a nightmare in 2019 when the construction of the Morava corridor began. A businessman from Kosovo opened a quarry right next to the village of Lesje and Plana making blasting, dust and heavy trucks their new reality. Something similar happened to the village of Ba with the opening of a quarry owned by men targeted as perpetrators of corruption by the US Treasury, especially during the construction of the Milos Veliki highway section between Ljig and Lajkovac. Six years later and they still have no peace.
Who are the controversial contractors from Kosovo and how were they lucky enough to get the most profitable construction jobs from the authorities?
How did the question – Do you know who you’re fighting? – force people to sell their family properties which stood in the way of big state and private ambitions?
What happened to the people who said no?
The Asphalt Kings – a documentary by Mladen Savatovic.
Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/n1-documentary-on-kosovo-serb-asphalt-kings/

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