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SDP rejects BiH election reform talks under present conditions

January 27, 2022
Bosnia’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) will not take part in Election Law reform talks as long as the country’s state institutions are blocked and unconstitutional and anti-Dayton Peace Agreement, secessionist decisions by the country’s Republika Srpska entity get abolished, party Leder Nermin Niksic said Thursday in a letter to the Peace Implementation Council (PIC), EU Special Representative Johann Sattler and High Representative Christian Schmidt.
“We don’t think that any agreement is better than nothing. Bosnia and Herzegovina has an Election Law. It’s bad, but it exists, so the potential failure of this process does not jeopardize the holding of elections. At a time when BiH is exposed to constant, intense attacks on its sovereignty and territorial integrity by decisions of the RS National Assembly, but also from neighbouring countries, discussions regarding changes to the BiH Election Law with those involved in the process of overthrowing the state is unacceptable to us,” Niksic wrote.
He further added that any changes to the election law that would lead to the additional division of the state along ethnic lines, as well as any asymmetric solution regarding the election of members of the BiH Presidency, are unacceptable to the SDP as well.
“Equally, we reject any solution to further ethnicization and exclusivism in the electoral process, which the European Parliament called contrary to the founding principles of the EU,” said the SDP leader.
As for the SDP of Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said, they are ready to participate in all processes that are conducted in state institutions, which will lead to the unblocking of the state, stopping secessionism and establishing a fair electoral model in accordance with the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, guaranteeing protection of the integrity of the electoral process.
Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/sdp-rejects-bih-election-reform-talks-under-present-conditions/

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