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BiH politicians welcome Schmidt’s decision to suspend RS property law

April 12, 2022
Bosniak and Croat Presidency members Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic as well as Bosnia’s Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic welcomed High Representative to BiH’s Tuesday decision to suspend the Republika Srpska (RS) entity law on Immovable Property.
“The RS Law on Immovable Property, as well as other unconstitutional decisions, are directed against the Dayton Peace Agreement and 27 years of its implementation. That the RS entity authorities, led by Milorad Dodik, threaten BiH's sovereignty and territorial integrity with their secessionist decisions, is clear to the international public, relevant international institutions, the majority of BiH citizens and a significant part of the RS political public who did not approve of Dodik's anti-Dayton moves,” said Dzaferovic.
The High Representative made this decision, Dzaferovic added, in accordance with his obligations and mandate, defined by the Dayton Accords, and the decisions of the Peace Implementation Council as well as the accompanying Security Council resolutions reaffirming the Bonn powers.
“Between acting or resigning, Schmidt still chose to act, but is not enough, because he must annul all anti-constitutional laws and not just the anti-constitutional law on RS property,” Zeljko Komsic noted.
“The decision of the High Representative Christian Schmidt to annul the RS Law on Immovable Property is expected, legal and necessary, bearing in mind that the mentioned law directly violated the BiH Constitution. I believe that this decision will be another clear signal and message to stop any other attempt to undermine the state, its competencies, institutions and progress through legal violence and abuse of entity institutions,” Bisera Turkovic wrote on her Facebook account.
Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/bih-politicians-welcome-schmidts-decision-to-suspend-rs-property-law/

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