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Serbian market vendors in new protest in Belgrade

April 13, 2022
Market vendors from across Serbia gathered in Belgrade on Wednesday for a day-long protest against the mandatory introduction of cash registers.
The market vendors gathered in front of the Usce shopping center in New Belgrade and marched across the bridge to the Serbian state TV (RTS) building to express their dissatisfaction with the public broadcaster’s reporting before continuing to the Presidency building to request a meeting with Vucic.
“We sent in our requests and he (Vucic) is the man who got two million votes, some from us. If these people are in danger there has to at least some level of dignity. We need 15 minutes and are prepared to get any reply – whether he does or does not want to help or can’t help. We want an answer,” Association of Market Vendors official Srdjan Prastalo told N1 before the protest march. He added that the protest was planned to last until 6:00 pm.
Prastalo warned that most of he vendors would lose their livelihoods after May 1 when cash registers become mandatory for open air market stalls under a government e-fiscalization scheme.
The market vendors protested in March in front of the Finance Ministry, calling the government to revoke its decision to force them to have cash registers. Some of them spent the night of March 30-31 in front of the Serbian Presidency building hoping to be received by President Aleksandar Vucic but left the next morning. They submitted a petition signed by 16,000 people calling for an exemption from e-fiscalization.
Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/serbian-market-vendors-in-new-protest-in-belgrade/

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