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Members of the Serbian right-wing organization remain active despite the ban

May 7, 2022
It will be a full ten years since the Constitutional Court of Serbia banned the work and activities of the Clero-Fascist organization Patriotic Movement "Obraz" for violating human and minority rights and inciting national and religious hatred, but the impression is that the decision of the Constitutional Court was not respected, the Vojvodina Research and Analytical Center (VOICE) wrote.
According to VOICE, members of „Obraz“ were free to participate in many street actions and performances of far-right organizations, but also to loudly and conspicuously disrupt gatherings of mostly peaceful non-governmental organizations.
The Centre adds that today, the legal representative of „Obraz“, Mladen Obradovic, is very often on the streets of Belgrade, now as the legal representative of the Saint Sava Alliance „Obraz“, where he leads hundreds of young right-wingers who support Russian aggression against Ukraine.
VOICE states that after the Constitutional Court of Serbia banned further work of „Obraz“ in 2012, Obradovic „briefly reconciled“, only to soon join the Serbian Radical Party of Vojislav Seselj.
Since then, Obradovic has, as a rule, appeared at almost all right-wing rallies, where he often propagates ideas because of which "Obraz" was banned, VOICE writes.
Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/members-of-the-serbian-right-wing-organization-remain-active-despite-the-ban/

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