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Vucic to Church elders-Serbia facing worst period since 1944

May 18, 2022
President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday that Serbia is facing what could be the worst period since 1944.
Speaking after a meeting with Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) head, Patriarch Porfirije, Vucic said that Serbia is in a situation which is much worse than it seems, adding that “huge, storm clouds are looming” over the country. “Looking from outside, you wouldn’t notice any kind of problem and there is none at this moment. Are serious, storm could looming over our country – yes. I won’t hide that from the people, nor can I from you,” Vucic said after the meeting with the Patriarch and the SPC Archbishops in the Presidency building.
He said Serbia is in a specific situation because of Kosovo with increasing difficulty in preserving its interests and increasing pressure. “From the day that (Russian President) Vladimir Putin revealed what he based his incursion into Ukraine on formally, legally and politically, all the Western powers have been hastening to resolve the Kosovo knot and knock the arguments out of the Russian president’s hands. I hear that in every place wherever I go in Europe and the world,” he said.
“I never saw anything like this and couldn’t dream that I would. I witnessed huge pressure over the Brussels agreement. We are facing unprecedented hysteria… Diplomacy no longer exists in anything … We have to try to save our country and people. Without our church the people outside our borders would not survive. Help us so that everyone understands Serbia’s position, try to be united in these times,” he said.
Vucic told the Patriarch the his views need to be heard. He said the SPC will be informed of every decision taken by the state.
Patriarch Porfirije said that he prays peace will come to all the people of the world and thanked the Serbian president for his “responsible behavior including a principled stand” and for everything he is doing to ease the crisis which, he said, could deteriorate.
The Patriarch said that the SPC “absolutely respects the laws of the states that it is in” but warned of media manipulation and numerous attempts to abuse the church.
Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/vucic-to-church-elders-serbia-facing-worst-period-since-1944/

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