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BiH adopts temporary ban on wood exports due to increasing prices

June 15, 2022
Bosnia’s Council of Ministers unanimously passed a decision to temporarily ban the export of certain wood products and firewood, Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Minister, Stasa Kosarac, said after the emergency session on Wednesday.
This measure will be in force until the end of September.
“The ban on the export of roundwood, wood pellets and firewood is being introduced for the simple reason that the price of pellets has increased by 155 percent compared to last year. Exports increased by 78 percent with a further increase expected. And the price of firewood has increased by nearly 40 percent. For roundwood, the price increased by almost 400 percent and exports rose by nearly five percent,” Kosarac explained.
Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/bih-adopts-temporary-ban-on-wood-exports-due-to-increasing-prices/

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