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Intl peace envoy welcomes Germany's support to EU military deployment in Bosnia

June 15, 2022
International peace envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt has welcomed the decision of German authorities to support the European Union's military deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina EUFOR/Althea with German soldiers.
The German Government approved the deployment of up to 50 soldiers to join the EUFOR mission in BiH. The deployment, which still has to be confirmed by the Parliament, would be authorised until June 30, 2023.
“This is a strong signal in the region at this crucial moment. The International Community stays committed to BiH,” said Schmidt, the German envoy who took office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina in August last year.
Schmidt was nominated in January 2021 and he succeeded Austrian diplomat Valentin Inzko at the post.
The foreign media reported prior to his first appearance at the UN Security Council to speak about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that Schmidt warned about a “very real” prospect of return to conflict and called for reassessment of international military presence, if necessary.
Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/intl-peace-envoy-welcomes-germanys-support-to-eu-military-deployment-in-bosnia/

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