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Fresh protest in front of OHR against imposed Election Law solutions

September 7, 2022
Dozens of citizens gathered in front of the international peace envoy's office in Sarajevo on Wednesday, expressing disapproval of the official's intention to impose changes to the electoral legislation.
The protest was organised by Azra Zornic, the appellant before the European Court of Human Rights, who won a case against the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the discriminations in the electoral process and the right to free elections.
The citizens who gathered in front of the Office of the High Representatives carried the banners that read ‘The Zornic ruling is universal solution for Bosnia and Herzegovina’ and ‘The civic’, protesting against the announced intervention of the High Representative in the electoral legislation.
Speaking to media, Zornic said they want nothing from the High Representative but that they do not allow imposing of law changes that would suit Croat leader Dragan Covic and Croatia's Andrej Plenkovic.
Instead, the citizens who gathered in the protest want the kind of Bosnia and Herzegovina that was described in the ruling of the case she won before the Strasbourg court.
“So a civic one, normal. So that we are first the citizens of BiH, where one person means one vote. Aany other affiliation – ethnic, religious or any other is a private matter of every individual, which does not interest me at all. We will have a civic state after the October 2. We are using all democratic tools to defend Bosnia and Herzegovina, and if necessary we are ready even for more. We defended it in 1992, we will defend it now as well,” she stressed.
She stressed that implementation of the court decisions concerning Bosnian electoral legislation will be solved in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not by the High Representative.
“We are closely following every move not only of the High Representative but also of the international community and we are ready to respond at any moment to their every attempt of disavowing the state,” Zornic added.
Academician Esad Durakovic, who addressed letters to the High Representative on several occasions, asking him to give up on the imposed solutions, has also expressed the support to the gathering. He called for a dignified protest without violence.
The previous protest was held on July 27, when thousands of citizens raised their voice against the announced changes to the Election Law that would be imposed by the High Representative.
After three days of continuous protests, Schmidt imposed technical changes to the Election Law on July 29, which referred to integrity of electoral process.
Over the past weeks, the international envoy held talks with representatives of political parties as well as non-governmental organisations, public figure and intellectuals, to discuss solutions to unblock the Federation entity.
In a session of the Peace Implementation Council's Steering Board on September 1, Schmidt did not receive full support of the member states to impose law changes, especially not ahead of the election campaign which officially started on September 2.
Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/fresh-protest-in-front-of-ohr-against-imposed-election-law-solutions/

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