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Jeremic calls for unity on the issue of Kosovo

September 8, 2022
Serbia will achieve “absolutely nothing” if there is no unity on the issue of Kosovo, said opposition People’s Party (NS) leader Vuk Jeremic, adding he hopes it is possible for the Serbian Parliament to adopt a resolution tabled by this party that envisages twenty concrete steps in resolving the Kosovo problem.
„It is very important that we come out of the special assembly session on Kosovo and Metohija (the official name for what the Serbian authorities consider to be the country’s southern province) as united as possible and that we know what we are to do, because without unity there will be no happiness and everything will remain a dead letter. International representatives and the Kosovo side can take our proposal seriously only if we are united,“ Jeremic told Insider TV, Beta reported.
He explained that the NS resolution envisages for Serbia to declare the Brussels dialogue unsuccessful if the Community of Serb Municipalities is not formed by year end, in the event of which competencies given to the Pristina authorities in the north of the province under the Brussels Agreement should be returned to the state of Serbia.
“In the nine years of the Brussels process Serbia got absolutely nothing, and the Community of Serb Municipalities is the most important thing that Serbia asked for. That was a relatively modest request, but if we don’t even get that, then we really have no place in that process any longer. Then it would be impossible to eliminate the doubt that the Albanians will ever fulfill their obligations,” said Jeremic.
Jeremic, who served as the president of the UN General Assembly and as the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said the resolution foresees that the Serbian President sends letters to the presidents of Russia and China, informing them that Serbia will never recognize self-proclaimed Kosovo and urging them to exercise a veto in the Security Council if the issue of Pristina’s membership in the UN is ever raised.
Jeremic said he fails to see why Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic would not send this kind of letter, since he officially proclaims this as his policy.
“If he does send a letter of this kind, Serbia will be in a safer position because, in order for Moscow and Beijing to possibly change their position, someone in Belgrade would have to write a new letter asking them to enable Pristina’s membership in the UN, and no one would send this kind of letter from Belgrade,” said Jeremic.
Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/jeremic-calls-for-unity-on-the-issue-of-kosovo/

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