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Becirovic, Cvijanovic, Komsic sworn in as new Bosnia Presidency members

November16, 2022
Denis Becirovic, Zeljka Cvijanovic and Zeljko Komsic took the oath of office on Wednesday as new members of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, after they were declared winners of the October 2 presidential race.
The state electoral authority handed over the certificates to the new Presidency members, who officially took over the duty.
Addressing a press conference after the ceremony, Bosniak Presidency member Becirovic said it was an honour to take this post.
“Let's defend the freedom and dignity of every human and implement the European Convention on Human Rights. Let's do everything in our power to make people live better,” he said, reminding that the country's roots go back to the Middle Ages and the anti-fascist struggle.
“We have done all great deeds in our country's long history together, while all great tragedies came with those who do not want us to be together,” he added.
He emphasised the unemployment and poverty as the biggest enemies and called for fight against real problems.
“Politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina must not be selfish and work in their favour. Let's work for the interests of disempowered people,” he stressed.
Becirovic also emphasised the importance of regional cooperation as well as adjusting Bosnia's foreign poilcy with that of the European Union.
Serb Presidency member Cvijanovic also addressed the media, stressing that during her term she will advocate the interests of both Republika Srpska entity and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
“I come to the Presidency with extended hand and good intentions, I want us to work in accordance with our constitutional competencies for the welfare of the people of both entities and all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and not to anyone's detriment,” she stressed.
She also stressed the need for dialogue on all open issues and seeking solutions together without having them imposed from someone.
Like Becirovic, Cvijanovic also stressed the importance of regional coperation and participation in regional intiatives that can bring benefit to citizens.
As for the country's European path, new Presidency member said that the candidate status should be the task number one for institutions at all levels of authority.
“I would like to especially emphasise that in the context of European integration, but also in all other processes that we will implement, it is of crucial importance that we consistently respect the Dayton Peace Agreement and the constitutional structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” she underlined.
Cvijanovic also said that democracy will fully prevail andmutual trust get stronger only after local institutions take over responsibility for all processes in the country.
“I trust in dialogue and cooperation only,” she said, adding that she does not trust that the country is successful with foreign judges in the Constitutional Court of BiH or with high representatives and foreign “micro-managers.”
Zeljko Komsic, the Croat Presidency member, said in his address he would do everything in his power that the country makes its final step towards the full NATO membership, stressing that this is a primary foreign policy goal.
Also, he said, he would put all necessary efforts that Bosnia's EU perspective is not permanently destroyed.
“By respecting the Constitution of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I would like to use the opportunity to remind you of its evolutionary nature, i.e. the fact that the Constitution provides for the possibility of being built into a system of complete democracy and all its values. This is exactly what obliges us to fulfill the priorities from the Opinion of the European Commission, which are the best tool for achieving equality for all citizens. No one can take away the right to democracy from the citizens of BiH, and I will resolutely oppose all such attempts, because I am obliged to do so by the trust shown by all those people who believe in democratic BiH,” he said.
Komsic also said Bosnia and Herzegovina and its institutions will be a reliable partner to all those who want peace, economic and social developments through international agreements signed over the past period.
“I will personally, as an official who has been trusted by the citizens to represent them in the highest state institution, remain committed to the idea of equality of all citizens of BiH, regardless of their ethnic, religious or other identity origin, as well as the values of anti-fascism on which the state of BiH was built,” Komsic stressed.
Bosnia's Presidency consists of three members, the Bosniak and the Croat, who are elected in the Federation entity and the Serb, elected in Republika Srpska entity.
Becirovic was most successful in the presidential race with 330,238 votes, followed by Cvijanovic and 327,720 votes, and Komsic who got 227,540 votes in the October 2 elections.
Cvijanovic is the first in line to serve as the Presidency Chairperson for a six-month period.
Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/becirovic-cvijanovic-komsic-sworn-in-as-new-bosnia-presidency-members/

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