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RS entity opposition politician says High Rep “helped” Dodik win the election

November 16, 2022
According to Jelena Trivic, the opposition candidate who lost the election for president in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity to Milorad Dodik, BiH’s Central Election Commission (CEC), as well as the High Representative of the international community in the country, ignored irregularities in order to “help” Dodik win the election.
Trivic argued that some 68,000 votes remain questionable.
“For example, it is statistically impossible that there is an enclave in Zvornik where Dodik and I have nearly the same amount of votes, but that I achieved a disastrous result at the rest of the polling stations in the area,” she said.
She called the SNSD “an organized mafia structure” that organized election fraud.
“But now you also have in the CEC – its falsification of falsified elections!”, she said, asking the question of why the CEC did not publish the report of the Main Counting Center.
He believes that the CEC and the BiH Court made decisions not to annul the elections under political pressure and that the international community might also have been involved.
Trivic stated that information that it was established that 13,000 votes were stolen from her was withheld on purpose.
She said she will never accept Dodik’s electoral victory, adding that the opposition in the RS submitted a lawsuit alleging election fraud to the BiH Prosecutor’s Office.
According to Trivic, Dodik is a more favourable option for some foreign actors.
“A blackmailed Dodik is, for some external factors, the best Dodik,” she said.
She also noted that the High Representative of the international community, Christian Schmidt, stated that “there were minor irregularities” in the election process.
Trivic believes that Schmidt, in fact, “helped” Dodik by ignoring those irregularities.
She said also believes that Dodik is working for the interests of Croatia.
“There are examples that prove this – Pelješki most, Trgovska gora and his silence on the nuclear waste disposal site, advocating for a third entity etc.”, she said, speculating that Dodik has a relationship with Croatian President Zoran Milanovic which is based on “financial interests”.
She said she agrees with Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, who said that relations between Serbs and Bosniaks are key for the stability of the region.
“I don't think that the Croats are less important, but definitely the Serbs and the Bosniaks must take a crucial step, I don't want to say the word “reconciliation” because it is worn out. I respect the policy of Vucic, who emphasizes that he respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Republika Srpska in it,” she said.
As for the main differences between her and Dodik, Trivic said:
“What I stand for and fight for is peace, stabilization of conditions, economic development, absence of corruption… He stands for lack of peace, instability, threatens secession, belittles other nations. Is it enough? I am in favour of respecting the others and those who are different and the key thing – for the rule of law,” she said.
Source:  https://ba.n1info.com/english/news/rs-entity-opposition-politician-says-high-rep-helped-dodik-win-the-election/

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