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Bislimi-Serb List’s return to Parliament has unmasked Belgrade

November 17, 2022
Kosovo’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Pristina’s chief negotiator in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue Besnik Bislimi said the Serb List’s return to the Kosovo Parliament on Thursday proves that their previous withdrawal from Parliament is part of Belgrade’s strategy and that it exposes the “dirty games” of the Serbian authorities before the international community but also before the Serbian people who voted for them.
Bislimi said the Serb List’s return to the Parliament was a clear demonstration of Kosovo’s argument that their withdrawal was no grounds for discontent but a part of Belgrade’s strategy.
“There was no change from the moment of their withdrawal to the moment of their return. So, as they themselves said, this is a part of their strategy, they are demonstrating that they are building a strategy to weaken the functioning of our institutions,” Bislimi said in an interview with Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK), Kossev reported.
He said he believes that the Serbian government exposed itself even before the international community, “even though most of them know that these are Belgrade’s and not the Serb List’s dirty games.”
“Well, maybe it is a positive thing that this unmasking also happened before the citizens of Serbia who voted for them,” said Bislimi, adding that the purpose of MP mandates is to promote and advance interests of certain groups and that the Serb List has not achieved any interests.
Their intention is to “hinder the agenda of the state of Kosovo,” Bislimi said, noting that he does not believe that hindering Kosovo’s development is in the interest of the Serbian citizens.
“The Serb List has already betrayed its own voters so it could implement Belgrade’s hostile program in Kosovo,” said Bislimi.
Serb MPs withdrew from the Kosovo Parliament on November 7 as part of the decision by Serbs in north Kosovo to withdraw from all Kosovo’s institutions over the implementation of Kosovo Government’s decision on the re-registration of vehicles with Serbia-issued license plates.
Members of the Belgrade-backed Serb List arrived unannounced at the Kosovo Parliament on Thursday and took their oath of office, following which they left the Parliament building.
Source:  https://rs.n1info.com/english/news/bislimi-serb-lists-return-to-parliament-has-unmasked-belgrade/

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