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Djilas-Our policy towards Kosovo is dialogue

January 22, 2023

For me, it would really be a crime for someone to recognize the independence of Kosovo, but it would also be a crime for someone to deny our children and Serbia a European future, the leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Dragan Djilas, said Sunday, adding that this year he expects new elections at all levels, except for the presidency.

„Let’s see what is written in that Franco-German proposal, if it gives a European future to Serbia without the recognition of Kosovo and if it enables further normalization of relations, if all that is so, then we would be ready to vote for it,“ Djilas told Prva TV.

The essence is not to strengthen the position of Aleksandar Vucic in those negotiations, but the position of Serbia, Djilas noted.

He repeated that it would be irresponsible for him to comment on the proposal for solving the Kosovo issue „which none of us has seen“.

“I expect it to be available to the citizens, to the parliament, to see what the proposal is. For us, there are red lines, which are the recognition of Kosovo and Kosovo’s membership in the UN,” Djilas said.

“Our policy towards Kosovo is to enable our children and generations to come to go to Decane, Gazimestan, Gracanica. Our policy is conversation and dialogue, although it is difficult to conduct such a dialogue with Albin Kurti,” Djilas concluded.

Source:  https://n1info.rs/english/news/djilas-our-policy-towards-kosovo-is-dialogue/

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