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Prosecution confirms investigation against man who targeted journalists online

March 10, 2023

Bosnia’s state Prosecution is working on several cases related to Jasmin Mulahusic known for harassing and targeting journalists and labeling them as traitors, the Prosecution confirmed Friday.

Mulahusic, previously arrested and noted in international reports for his connections with radical groups, is still active on social networks through which he spreads hate speech and labels public figures from media, academic and political life, accusing them mainly of betraying Bosniaks, acting against the Democratic Action Party (SDA) or against the interests of the Bosniak people.

The BH Journalists Association has repeatedly stressed Mulahusic's attitude towards the media and journalists.

The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina told N1 that they are working on several cases and that the public will be informed about everything when the prosecutor's decision is made.

“We cannot provide more information or details regarding the case,” they told N1.

The targets of Mulahusic's attacks and hate speech campaigns are mainly people for whom he delivers propaganda about anti-Bosniak activities, which encourages an avalanche of negative comments from individuals who glorify the activities of the Democratic Action Party (SDA), of which Mulahusic is an open sympathizer.

Previously, he met in Luxembourg with the Prime Minister of Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity, Fadil Novalic, and the SDA, leader Bakir Izetbegovic, after which the SDA leader described this meeting as accidental, and the party issued a defensive statement.

Back in 2021, Luxembourg police agencies searched his house where he resides.

In addition, Mulahusic was investigated earlier by international judicial institutions for his alleged connections with persons close to the Al Qaeda terrorist organization and other terrorist organizations.

Source:  https://n1info.ba/english/news/prosecution-confirms-investigation-against-man-who-targeted-journalists-online/ 

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