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HNS implies latest ECHR verdict could destabilize Bosnia

August 29, 2023

The Croatian National Assembly (HNS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, A group of ethnic Croat parties centred around the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) party reacted to the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case "Kovacevic v. Bosnia and Herzegovina" by saying that certain interpretation of it and other similar verdicts stand to destabilize the country.

The HNS press release states that Kovacevic is “a long-time unitarian activist and adviser to the other ‘Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency’, as they call Zeljko Komsic, a Bosnian Croat not part of the HNS group of parties, adding that Kovacevic himself admitted, allegedly, “that he and other political activists are ‘not interested in the protection and promotion of human rights, rather’, their ultimate goal is to abolish the constituency of the peoples and impose a ‘unitary political system’.”

“The goal of such a radical political agenda is to achieve an order in which the Bosniaks, given that they are the most numerous constituent people, will rule in a unitary state and impose their representatives on to Croats and everyone else,” HNS claims.

The HNS, it is further stated, remains committed to the Dayton Peace Agreement, which guarantees peace between the three constituent peoples, and warned that attacks on fundamental constitutional principles, including the equality of the constituent peoples, contribute to the instability of Bosnia and Herzegovina and slow down its European path.

Then the HNS called into question the independence of the European Court of Human Rights, implying the Court is under the influence of Bosnia's pro-unitary politicians.

“The HNS believes that certain interpretations of the ‘Kovacevic v. Bosnia and Herzegovina’ verdict and other verdicts passed as a result of the political activism of pro-unitary politicians from Bosnia and Herzegovina before the European Court of Human Rights cannot call into question the equality of Croats, Bosniaks and Serbs,” they concluded.

The HNS ended their announcement by saying they welcome the statements of the European Court of Human Rights that BiH authorities should decide which is the best political system and how to address the issue of human rights discrimination.

Source:  https://n1info.ba/english/news/hns-implies-latest-echr-verdict-could-destabilize-bosnia/

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