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Census results-Over two million Serbian homes without central heating

November 15, 2023

There are 2,031,924 occupied dwellings without central heating in Serbia, said the Republic Statistics Office (RZS).

The results of the 2022 census indicate that 1,304,593 dwellings (64.2 percent) use wood as their primary heating source, 352,185 homes heat primarily with electricity (17.3 percent), while 255,082 use gaseous fuels (12.6 percent), said the RZS.

The other energy sources (coal, fuel oil, wind, solar and geothermal energy) are far less used and altogether account for 3.8 percent of the observed dwellings, it said.

Dwellings with installations for district heating use mostly firewood as the heating energy source (59.2 percent), gaseous fuels (19.2 percent), electricity (15.5 percent) and coal (4.8 percent), while the share of fuel oil and other energy sources (solar, geothermal and wind energy) amounts to 1 percent.

Dwellings without heating installations, i.e. dwellings using other devices for heating (furnaces, fireplaces, etc.) also use predominantly wood (69.7 percent), followed by electricity (19.3 percent), while gaseous fuels are used in 6.9 percent of dwellings. Coal is used in 1.9 percent of dwellings, while the share of fuel oil and other energy sources amounts to 0.3 percent.

Source:  https://n1info.rs/english/news/census-results-over-two-million-serbian-homes-without-central-heating/

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