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Pro-Bosnian MPs wrote to US, EU officials warning of Russian influence via Republika Srpska

November 15, 2023

After a group of Bosnian MPs from the Republika Srpska (RS) entity wrote to the US Congress and the EU Parliament because of what they stated was "the growing threat of terrorism in BiH, the same was done by a group of MPs from both houses of the state parliament who forwarded their letter to the US and European officials.

The letter was forwarded from the Office of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament Denis Zvizdic, and was sent to hundreds of addresses in the European Union and the United States.

“Unfortunately, Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the last few years, is faced with anti-constitutional, secessionist and retrograde policies that are encouraged and promoted by certain officials of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), a political party led by Milorad Dodik. The main determinant of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the foundation for peace, stability and prosperity, which is the territorial integrity, sovereignty, political independence and international legal subjectivity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, are continuously contested,” MPs wrote.

They noted that the official documents from the SNSD’s 2015 Congress stated that Milorad Dodik and his party’s strategic goal is the secession of the Republika Srpska entity from Bosnia and Herzegovina, “i.e. the completion of the war goals by political means.”

“For this purpose, anti-Dayton activities are intensified, constant crises and blockades are created in the functioning of the state and its institutions, and pro-state political forces and representatives of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina are brazenly and aggressively insulted and provoked,” the letter states.

The MPs warned that SNSD officials both at the entity and state level, maintain constant and targeted attacks on two institutions that are part of the Dayton Peace Agreement and a constitutional category to weaken their legitimacy and authority, aware that these are key constitutional and institutional obstacles to their secessionist, anti-constitutional and anti-state policies. These are the Office of the High Representative and the Constitutional Court of BiH.

“Of particular concern are the announcements regarding the demolition of state institutions such as the Armed Forces of BBiH, the Intelligence Service of BiH, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), the Directorate for Indirect Taxation, etc., which represents a direct attack on the constitutional order of BiH,” MP’s told western officials.

They also noted that Milorad Dodik was the only politician who, at the beginning of the year, in the wake of the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine, awarded the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Milorad Dodik is also the only politician in Europe who, since the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine, has personally visited Vladimir Putin in Moscow twice and has given him full support for all his activities,” they added, among other things.

The MPs thus warned that the facts stated in their letter confirm the fact that prominent SNSD officials represent the extended hand of the Kremlin regime in the Western Balkans and a proxy of Russian interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Following the example of that regime, the Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted a law criminalizing defamation, representing a direct attack on freedom of expression and freedom of the press and returns us to the period of censorship and totalitarian and autocratic single-mindedness,” they said.

“After considering all of the above, we can clearly and unequivocally conclude that the biggest threat to peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not represented by made-up “religious radicalism” or “foreign interventionism” but the actions and moves of SNSD officials, most of which are headed by Milorad Dodik, who was placed on the US and UK’s black list,” the MP’s concluded.

The signatories of the letter are the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of BiH Parliament Denis Zvizdic, Speaker of the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliament Kemal Ademovic, Chairman of the SDP BiH Caucus Sasa Magazinovic, Chairman of the NIP Caucus Nihad Omerovic, Chairman of the Our Party Caucus – Sabina Cudic and MPs Rejhana Dervisevic, Ermina Salkicevic – Dizdarevic, Mia Karamehic – Abazovic, Aida Barucija, Jasmin Imamovic, Albin Muslic and Predrag Kojovic.

Source:  https://n1info.ba/english/news/pro-bosnian-mps-wrote-to-us-eu-officials-warning-of-russian-influence-via-republika-srpska/

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