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Dodik blasts O'Brien, says he can't interpret Dayton Agreement and threatens secession

February 2, 2024

Republika Srpska (RS) entity President Milorad Dodik rejected, on Friday, James O’Brien, the Assistant Secretary of State’s statements that Bosnia is the sole owner of the state property and that entities have no right to secession by saying that O’Brien is not the interpreter of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“In Dayton, he was responsible for writing down what someone was saying. He couldn't affect anything. He was there to follow or write down what someone had arranged. He is not a Dayton interpreter, he is impersonating someone who is powerful and lecturing us here,” Dodik said.

“When the Dayton Agreement was signed and given to the people, it was said that FBiH and RS are the only ones who can interpret and change that Agreement. Nowhere does it say it's O'Brien. And he can't lecture us about what's going on,” RS President added.

He rejected O'Brien's allegations about state property and pejoratively called Bosniaks “Muslims.”

“We reject it as false, there is no state property. What he says is completely made up. He is trying to fulfil what he promised the ‘Muslims’ earlier. He came to bring unrest and new political forebodings. He came to criticize the agreement from Laktasi. There is no state property of BiH, it does not exist anywhere. They falsely refer to the succession agreement,” RS President falsely stated.

He continued by saying that the US is falsely trying to disprove the story “as if the succession agreement is the fact that the property belongs to the state. That is not true.”

He accused the Americans of waging a “hybrid war against Republika Srpska” and threatened with secession once again.

“The Americans are waging a hybrid war against Republika Srpska here. If anyone has brought down the Dayton Accords so far, it's the US. They make a big deal out of the Dayton Agreement and BiH that we don't want. Republika Srpska has no intention of remaining in ‘unconstitutional BiH’ and we will not give up our rights. He [O’Brien] appeared now to say something about the Dayton Agreement – where you were for the past 30 years,” Dodik asked.

He reiterated that the term state property does not exist, and that it was in invented term.

“That's a lie. It does not exist. At the same moment, if someone goes after the property, the National Assembly will meet in the RS and make a decision on its [entity’s] status. You will not rob us of ‘our’ property,” Dodik reiterated.

Source:  https://n1info.ba/english/news/dodik-blasts-obrien-says-he-cant-interpret-dayton-agreement-and-threatens-secession/

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