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MP Vulic to be fined for inappropriate behaviour in front of BiH Court's building

February 5, 2024

Sarajevo Canton Minister of Interior said that MP Sanja Vulic would be fined for inappropriate vocabulary in front of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday, where she arrived to attend the hearing in the trial of Milorad Dodik, the President of Republika Srpska entity.

“Cursing, insults, offending the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the citizens will not be tolerated,” said minister Admir Katica, adding that crossing of ‘red line’ will not be tolerated.

The minister also said that the State Parliament member demonstrated “elementary disrespect for the institutions of this country, our citizens, the arrogance and the lack of culture.”

“The members of the Ministry of Interior of the Sarajevo Canton determined today a violation of public order and peace, especially by insolent behaviour, rude insults to another person or other reckless behaviour, for which Sanja Vulic will be fined for a misdemeanor for which the fine amounts to 200 to 600 marks (cca 100 to 300 euro),” Katica said, noting that this will serve as a message to all those disrespecting the laws of this country.

Earlier on Monday, the Minister of Interior of the Federation entity, Ramo Isak, said he would initiate a procedure against Vulic before the Parliament of BiH.

Vulic drew attention of the reporters in front of the Court building.

She was unable to join Dodik in the courtroom as she arrived late, which led her to react inappropriately.

Reporters recorded the outraged MP, who was ranting on about the trial, the judiciary, and the state in general.

Vulic is a member of Dodik's SNSD party.

Source:  https://n1info.ba/english/news/mp-vulic-to-be-fined-for-inappropriate-behaviour-in-front-of-bih-courts-building/

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