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Kurti- Government won’t stop implementation of Euro regulation

February 12, 2024

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti told Bloomberg on Monday that the central bank regulation which effectively banned the Serbian Dinar would not be revoked.

The Central Bank of Kosovo issued a decree making the Euro the sole legal currency as of February 1. The regulation affectsa large number of Kosovo Serbs whose income was paid in Dinars. The Kosovo authorities also seized cash in Dinars being taken to the northern majority-Serb municipalities.

“Kosovo’s prime minister stood by new regulations on enforcing the euro as the country’s sole currency, which have been criticized by the US and European Union as disrupting cash assistance to ethnic Serbs using the Dinar,” Bloomberg said. Kurti said his government won’t interfere with the central bank implementation of the regulation.

Kurti said the decision was long overdue adding that all financial institutions must be licensed by Pristina. “There will be no more sacks with cash Dinars coming from Belgrade to Kosovo to destroy political pluraslim and finance terrorist organizations who killed our policemen,” he said.

Kurti wrote in an X post that his cabinet “will not enforce any punitive measures during the transition period”.

Source:  https://n1info.rs/english/news/kurti-government-won-t-stop-implementation-of-euro-regulation/

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