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Together party- Opposition politicians receive fresh death threats

February 12, 2024

The opposition Together party on Monday condemned the death threats and threats of expulsion against its co-leaders Biljana Stojkovic and Nebojsa Zelenovic over their participation at last week’s European Parliament (EP) session in Strasbourg at which criticism was expressed regarding the way in which the Serbian December elections were held and suspicions voiced over the election results.

As members of the delegation of the Serbia Against Violence (SPN) opposition coalition, Stojkovic and Zelenovic informed the MEPs at this meeting about “all the facts of the Serbian Progressive Party’s (SNS) election fraud,” said Together in a press release.

“The atmosphere of violence created by the very same person who stole the elections, (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vucic, is now experiencing its peak because the entire world has been informed about the brutal alteration of the citizens’ electoral will. Had there been no election fraud, the political scene would have been completely different, and SNS would have been disempowered,” said Together.

The party added that, in association with its partners, it will inform all Serbian citizens about the “brutal election fraud” by the government in the December elections, and that “no threats” will prevent them from doing this.

“Although we are aware that the entire state apparatus helped Vucic with the election fraud and that the institutions no longer exist, we will nevertheless bring criminal complaints against those who are making the threats, confident that all criminals will be prosecuted soon, when we rid the country of the biggest thieves in history to rule in these parts,” said the press release.

Source:  https://n1info.rs/english/news/together-party-opposition-politicians-receive-fresh-death-threats/

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