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Lalic- Only in Serbia do statesmen give interviews to tabloids

February 13, 2024

The problem of media tabloidization stems from the tabloid government that adores tabloids and believes they are the best media, said editor in chief of the weekly Nedeljnik Veljko Lalic, stressing that only in Serbia do statesmen give interviews to tabloids.

In a series of talks on the media scene, Lalic explained that the government is making tabloids “into mainstream media, and pushing the serious media to the sidelines.”

In his opinion, this is a planned action that is part of the general aesthetic imposed on society.

Addressing the issue of freedom of speech in the media, Lalic said the government finds ways to prove that this freedom has not been abolished, because nowadays anyone can say whatever they want on social media.

“We think that insults on social media networks are proof that we have freedom of speech, but insults are a matter of indecency,” he explained.

Lalic said the decision of the Serbian state TV (RTS) to broadcast only Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s speech at the UN Security Council session and not that of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti shows that freedom of speech has obviously been abolished.

“According to what we’ve heard, Kosovo television stations broadcast both,” he added.

Commenting on the government’s specific relationship with the media, he said Vucic knows more journalists than anyone else.

“He comes from a family of journalists, people tend to forget that he too started his career as a journalist, an extremely unsuccessful journalist, but he has been in the media for very long, and this is a very specific thing that, if you analyze it, is not insignificant,” said Lalic.

In his opinion, media problems also originate from the fact that, when Vucic was in the Serbian Radical Party, that party was not particularly promising and its work was followed by average journalists who are now in leading positions on the media scene, thanks to personal acquaintance.

“It is not a very good thing to employ friends, but one should rather employ those who can do the job. So this here is a very specific situation with a lot of specific elements,” said Lalic.

Source:  https://n1info.rs/english/news/lalic-only-in-serbia-do-statesmen-give-interviews-to-tabloids/

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