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Dodik expresses support to Republika Srpska Official Gazette acting director as his trial before State Court commences

February 13, 2024

Trial of Milos Lukic, the acting director of the Official Gazette of Republika Srpska, over the non-compliance with decisions of High Representative Christian Schmidt, commenced on Tuesday before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lukic was initially in a trial along with Milorad Dodik, the President of the Serb-majority entity, but two cases were separated due to Lukic's health condition.

In support of Lukic, Dodik posted a message on his X account.

“Milos Lukic is a good man, a great patriot, an excellent manager who performs responsibly all his duties and Republika Srpska is grateful for that dedication,” Dodik wrote, noting that separating his case from Lukic's is intended to “speed up everything and make a judgment as soon as possible in order to ban my political action, and to show on Lukic how ordinary people will be treated,” said Dodik.

Speaking to journalists in Banja Luka, the entity's administrative centre, Dodik said he did not go to Sarajevo because “our police structure assessed there are certain risks for my movements in the Federation (Bosnia's other entity where Sarajevo is located), but I'm with Lukic in my thoughts.”

Dodik's trial started on February 5, after a few delays, with Republika Srpska President expressing discontentment over the replacement of judge in his case.

He called the trial a “political process” led by “someone else” and not by the Court of BiH.

Source:  https://n1info.ba/english/news/dodik-expresses-support-to-republika-srpska-official-gazette-acting-director-as-his-trial-before-state-court-commences/

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